How to Use a Sleep Apnea Mask

The sleep apnea mask allows an uninterrupted sleep period of seven or even eight hours per night, which is the normal rest period of an adult person. The benefits of the device will also be felt in the overall state of well being, since once the sleep quality improves, daily activities are more easily carried on without the excessive tiredness that would usually follow a disturbed night's sleep.

The model of the sleep apnea mask can be chosen according to personal preference and the severity of the condition; some patients prefer the oral form, some others the nasal one, whereas, the popularity of the combined oral-nasal mask is also remarkably high.

The sleep apnea mask may cause skin irritation for some people too. There are moisturizers that can be used that are specially made to be used with a sleep apnea machine. Other types of moisturizers can damage the mask. You should ask your doctor to recommend which moisturizers are best used with the sleep apnea mask.

The oral and the nasal mask both take some getting used to. A lot of people can not wear one all night. However, it is better for the patient's health if they do and you can slowly work up to wearing it all night. Each type of mask also has head gear that must be worn with it as well.

If your sleep apnea mask feels uncomfortable, the size and fit might be the problem. A sleep apnea mask comes in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. One rule when it comes to buying sleep apnea mask is: when in doubt, choose the smaller size.

A smaller sized mask is the safer choice to ensure that the fit would be snug. This is important to prevent leaks. However, sometimes, even a smaller size just won't fit. The problem might be that the contour of your face really doesn't fit the mask.

A sleep apnea mask can easily breed germs and bacteria. That's why it is very important to wash it daily and thoroughly clean it once a week. You can use warm water to rinse it daily. For your once a week thorough cleaning, don't use harsh chemicals to clean it. Do not use alcohol based product. There are special cleaning solutions for sleep apnea masks available in the market. You can also use a very mild liquid soap and warm water. Let it air dry in a very clean area. You can also try getting a sleep apnea pillow. It effectively prevents leaks by keeping your mask in place even if you change sleeping position.

Although the sleep apnea mask should be fitted by a respiratory therapist or other expert, there are other steps that can be taken to ensure a snug and tight fit around the nose. These strategies can keep a sleep apnea custom fit mask functional, safe and comfortable.

Remember, Your Doctor is the first place to start to discover your best sleep apnea mask options.   In most cases, he or she will refer you to one of the 15,000 Home Medical Equipment Companies that are located throughout the United States who specialize in providing CPAP equipment.  A good local Home Medical Equipment company should be able to show you the different apnea masks options and be able to give you samples so that you can determine which mask is best for your situation.