Enjoy A Peaceful Night With These Sleep Apnea Tips

Anyone who has had this condition for a long time desperately wants a solution. The best thing you can do for yourself is to learn all that you can about sleep apnea so that you can find a solution. If you check out the next few paragraphs, you will be much more likely to figure out which treatment can address your sleep apnea problem.

If you have sleep apnea because of naturally narrow airways, get a sleep mouth guard. These gadgets correct your alignment, letting you breathe easily and normally throughout your sleeping hours. Talk to your physician about these, and get a fitting if you two think it might work.

Lose some weight if you're heavy. There are many studies that link sleep apnea to obesity. Consequently, it is therefore possible that losing just twenty-five pounds could result in a dramatic improvement of your sleep apnea symptoms if you are currently suffering from obesity.

If your doctor has prescribed a CPAP machine for you, make sure you use it every night, for at least 4 hours. It can be hard, at first, to get comfortable using it. However, it won't be effective if you don't use it every day. Try two hours at first if you must. The next week you should increase that amount to 4 hours. In the end, you should never use it less than 4 hours per night on a permanent basis.

Don't drink a lot of alcohol. Consuming alcohol causes your muscles to relax too much. Although many people desire this side-effect of alcohol, it is not beneficial to people with sleep apnea. Your throat muscles may be affected, causing breathing difficulties. If you do drink alcohol, avoid drinking it 3 hours before bedtime.

Sleep apnea is a severe condition to have. Be aware of the symptoms of sleep apnea and consult your doctor if you are concerned. When you are officially diagnosed, you are going to be referred to a sleep specialist. You may even have to take a sleep test at home with a monitor to fully discover the depth of your symptoms.

Try to sleep on your side instead of your back to breathe easier when you sleep. Sleeping on your back makes your airway more prone to collapse. If you have trouble staying off your back, sew a tennis ball into the back of your pajamas to help you stay on your side. You may see a big difference in the quality of your sleep.

Try sleeping in a different position (such as on the side) rather than on your back. Many people who have sleep apnea also sleep looking straight up. Sleeping on your back can cause the tissues in your mouth and throat to block your airway. Making an effort to stay off your back will help to give you a better night of sleep. Put a pillow on your side if you always find yourself moving around during sleep.

Those who are diagnosed with sleep apnea understand that finding an effective treatment can be difficult. No one treatment works for each individual, so it's important to learn as much as possible about possible treatment options to find the one that works. Put the information provided here to work for you as you uncover solutions to address your sleep apnea issues.