Sound Advice For Sufferers Of Sleep Apnea

A lot of people think that everyone feels as tired as they do when they get up in the morning. The truth is that sleep apnea is a disorder that affects many people without them realizing it. Learn about sleep apnea from this article.

If your airway is naturally narrow, a mouth guard for sleep may help with your sleep apnea. These devices correct your airways and they help you breathe properly. Ask your doctor to help you get fitted for a mouth guard.

Do you smoke and/or drink? Take steps to eliminate these unhealthy habits. These items can harm your airways. Alcohol relaxes some throat muscles to the point that sleep apnea becomes worse. Cigarettes also cause you to have difficulty breathing. If you are having trouble quitting either of these habits, at least try to abstain in the few hours before bedtime.

Sleep apnea is not a condition to take likely. If you feel some of the symptoms, then you need to consult a physician as quickly as you can. After the diagnosis, you may be asked to take a sleep test, either at home or at a facility that specializes in sleep disorder testing.

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, avoid sleeping pills. The pills may relax the throat muscles so much that your airways do not function properly. If you suffer from sleep apnea, the pills could cause disastrous consequences. This is not the solution for getting some sleep.

If when using a CPAP machine your mouth still falls open, use a chin strap. A chin strap is a strap on fabric that can hold your mouth closed. It is worth trying this simple fix, because CPAP therapy is ineffective if your mouth falls open while wearing the mask.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, make sure you treat your allergy and sinus problems. It will help you breath better in general, especially during your sleep. Additional swelling in the airways and extra mucus will make sleep apnea worse. Keeping your airways clear and free by properly treating nasal issues can help you sleep better at night.

Don't use more than one standard pillow. When you sleep on a pile of pillows, or one extremely thick pillow, your chin is pushed down toward your neck and restricts your air flow. This causes you to lie in a way where breathing is more difficult. So, you should stick to one pillow to help lessen any sleep apnea symptoms.

It's important to take responsibility to lessen the things that can cause sleep apnea. Some of these are unavoidable, like gender or genetics. Yet some risk factors are controllable, for example heaving drinking, smoking, and being obese.

If you, or a loved one, is suffering from sleep apnea, you should get a doctor's appointment scheduled. Treatment options exist for many sleep disorders, so suffering in silence is neither healthy or necessary. Tell everyone about the information you learned here, and if it's you who is suffering with the condition, then let your doctor know about what you just learned.

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